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Monthly Archives: May 2017

DUI: Voluntary Consent


DUI Pic5Law enforcement cannot conduct a blood draw during a DUI arrest without a warrant or voluntary consent, according to a recent opinion by the U.S. Supreme Court.

DUI offenders previously charged with the highest level of impairment for contesting a blood draw may now potentially be charged and sentenced at the lowest level of impairment.

This is a major development, particularly because of mandatory sentencing laws. For instance, in Pennsylvania if you were charged with a second DUI at the highest level of impairment, you faced 90 days incarceration at the minimum. But charged at the lowest level of impairment, you face a minimum of five days incarceration.

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Child Custody and Divorce: Holiday Tips


Custody Pic6The holidays are stressful, particularly for divided families, but they can still be enjoyable if you plan ahead.

In order to avoid needless stress or confusion, let your children know in advance where they will be during the holidays, and assure them they will have a good time.

Although you may be feeling lonely or sad without them, try encouraging them to be happy and have fun.

Spivak Law Firm wishes you a safe, happy Memorial Day weekend.

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Don’t Spank Your Kids


Family Pic2Under Pennsylvania law, parents are permitted to use corporal punishment if it is for the purpose of safeguarding or promoting the welfare of their child.

But the force used on the child cannot create a substantial risk of death, serious bodily injury, disfigurement, extreme pain, or mental distress.

A spanking that leaves a mark or bruise could result in a Protection from Abuse Order (PFA), a Child, Youth and Families (CYF) investigation, or even criminal charges for child abuse.

Parents engaged in child-custody disputes should consider avoiding all forms of corporal punishment to avoid allegations of abuse.

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Shut Out of the Workforce?


Expunge Pic2People are often shut out of the work force because of their criminal records. It’s tough enough to obtain employment in today’s job market, don’t let a bad decision you made years ago keep you from living your life.

If your criminal record has adversely affected your ability to obtain employment, you may have the option of removing citations, arrests, and convictions from your record by petitioning the court for an expungement. You may be eligible for an expungement if:

  • The criminal charges against you were withdrawn or dismissed;
  • You have been free of arrest or conviction for five years following a summary offense conviction; or
  • You completed an accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD) program on a first-time criminal charge.

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Sharing Custody of Infants


Beautiful baby of three months old in his mothers hands.Studies show that infants are best able to create healthy relationships with both parents when they spend regular time with each.

This means that both parents should go no longer than a few days without seeing the child.

There should be daily communication regarding the child’s eating and sleeping patterns, medical developments, as well as any noteworthy milestones.

If there is a high level of conflict between you and the other parent, consider keeping track of these updates in a notebook, which you may pass back and forth during exchanges.

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