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A divorce can cause serious financial strain, especially if one spouse earns significantly less money than the other spouse. Alimony is a tool sometimes used by courts to help level the playing field.

There are three types of support that may be awarded to a financially dependent spouse. The first type is spousal support, which may be awarded after the spouses have separated but before a divorce complaint is filed. Spousal support may not be available to a spouse who caused the separation by engaging in adultery.

The second type of support is alimony pendente lite (APL), which may be awarded after a divorce complaint is filed until all financial issues are resolved. The purpose of APL is to give both spouses the ability to support themselves and hire an attorney while the divorce is pending. Adultery and other fault grounds do not affect APL.

The third and best known type of support is alimony, which may be awarded after the divorce decree is finalized and all financial issues have been resolved. Alimony usually terminates when the recipient spouse remarries or resides with another person in a marriage-like relationship.

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Calculating Spousal Support and Alimony

Spousal support and APL are based on a fixed percentage of the differences in the net incomes or earning capacities of the spouses. Alimony is based on the reasonable needs of the dependent spouse.

Factors for determining the nature, amount, duration, and manner of alimony payments include: parties’ relative earnings, duration of the marriage, standard of living established during the marriage, contribution of a spouse as a homemaker, parties’ relative needs, and marital misconduct such as adultery.

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