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Child support payments continue until a child turns 18 or graduates from high school, whichever occurs later. Child support may be owed for an even longer period of time for a disabled child.

In Pennsylvania, judges apply the Child Support Guideline to determine the amount of support payable for each child. This formula is based on several factors, including number of children and monthly after-tax incomes of the child’s parents.

Income for child support purposes includes wages, commissions, bonuses, rental income, Social Security Disability benefits, workers’ compensation, and unemployment compensation. If a parent has no income but is capable of working, the court may assess that parent an earning capacity. This represents an estimate of what that parent could earn based on his or her education, skills, and employment history.

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Enforcing Support Orders in Pennsylvania

A parent who fails to follow a child support order may be held in contempt and face severe sanctions, including: jail, driver’s license suspension, professional license revocation, liens placed against bank accounts, and withholding of tax refunds.

Moreover, if either parent has an increase in income and fails to report it, there may be a retroactive modification of the support order to the date the change in income occurred. This may result in underpayment of child support and initiate enforcement action.

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