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Protect Kids From Trauma


Researchers have found that exposure to psychological abuse between parents is associated with more damage to the wellbeing of children as they get older than physical domestic abuse.

Social support has been found to be vital for recovery from traumatic events in childhood. However, this research reveals that exposure to high levels of psychological domestic abuse may be associated with a decrease in young people’s satisfaction with the social support they receive.

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Consequences for Violating A Custody Order

You should not withhold your children from the other parent unless there is a true emergency. Instead, you may file a custody action and obtain an enforceable order of court.

An order of court establishing custody or visitation rights may always be modified for the best interests and welfare of the children.

Failure to comply with an order of court by withholding your children from the other parent could result in a contempt action. Sanctions against you may include makeup time for the other parent and paying their attorney fees.

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Parental Alienation Hurts Kids

Are you worried about losing custody of your children?

Does your ex put you down to your children?

Do you believe your ex’s behavior has alienated you from your children?

In Pennsylvania, courts frequently award shared custody of the children so they can enjoy equal time with parents. If you feel alienated from your children, you should meet with an experienced child-custody lawyer to discuss your options for gaining more time with them.

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Child Custody: Recording Kids

Desperate parents may resort to filming or recording their children in an attempt to gain leverage in child-custody battles.

However, these tactics can backfire, leaving children distressed and causing judges to question the parents’ judgment and ability to act in their children’s best interests. Many parents fail to realize how harmful this recording behavior can be or how negatively it can impact their case.

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Child Custody and Substance Abuse

Pennsylvania courts decide child custody cases in the best interest of the children based upon sixteen relevant factors. One of the factors judges consider is any history of drug or substance abuse by the parties.

If you have a drug or substance abuse problem, it does not automatically mean that your ex will get sole custody of your children. But it does mean you will likely face substantial hurdles to obtain your desired custody schedule.

The court may temporarily restrict you from your children, order supervised visitation, and order you to undergo drug and alcohol treatment. Judges often reward parents who take successful steps to better themselves in the interests of their children.

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Child Custody: Corporal Punishment

In child custody litigation, parents are under a microscope. But the court isn’t the only one watching you closely. Your ex is paying close attention too. Your ex may be willing to tell the court anything that brings your integrity as a parent into question, especially the use of corporal punishment.

Although Pennsylvania permits the use of corporal punishment, the standard for deciding custody cases is “the best interests of the child,” which includes the child’s physical and emotional health. Accusations of excessive or extreme corporal punishment are given weight.

In cases where the scales weigh equally in favor of each parent, excessive corporal punishment may tip the scales out of your favor. If you are engaged in a child custody dispute, you should avoid using corporal punishment.

Sending your child back to the other parent with a mark caused by spanking could have disastrous results on your child custody case.

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Child Custody: Relocation

When parents of minor children separate or divorce, their ability to relocate to a new residence may be restricted.

Parents must either get the other parent’s approval or obtain permission from the court in order to relocate.

The judge considers many factors when making the decision on whether to grant the relocation request, including the child’s preference, the age of the child, and the reason for moving. Ultimately, the parent who wants to move must convince the judge that moving will be in the child’s best interest.

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A Child’s Preference in Custody Cases

126998623In child custody disputes, will a judge follow the child’s preference?

It depends.

Under Pennsylvania law, a child’s preference is not controlling though it may be an important factor. A child’s preference is just one of many factors that a judge considers when determining a child custody order.

A child’s age, maturity, and intelligence must be considered and will affect the weight given to a child’s preference. Thus, the preference of a 16-year-old tends to carry far more weight than the preference of a 6-year-old.

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