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What Can I Ask For In A PFA?

Expunge Pic7In a Protection From Abuse (PFA) petition, you can ask the judge to:

  • Order the abuser to stop threatening, abusing, harassing or stalking you and your children
  • Have the abuser evicted from your joint home or excluded from your residence
  • Keep your new address or location confidential
  • Grant you temporary custody of your children
  • Grant you temporary child or spousal support as well as other reimbursements of out-of-pocket expenses that were caused by the abuser
  • Order the abuser not to have contact with you or your children, or family members
  • Restrict the abuser from contacting you at school or work
  • Order the abuser to turn over firearms to the sheriff
  • Order any other appropriate relief, for instance, requesting the return of your pet, car keys, important papers, etc.

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The Needs and Rights of Children

dandelion wishing blowing seedsIdeally children should be parented cooperatively. They should be permitted and encouraged to form the best possible relationship with both parents and develop health connections with the families of both parents as well. If children feel safe and secure in their primary relationships, they are likely to be successful, happy, and well-adjusted. The goal is to establish a base from which children can continue their uninterrupted healthy growth patterns.

Every child has the right to:

  • Develop a relationship with both parents
  • Exist in a world free of parent-driven conflict
  • Go back and forth to visit freely between both parents
  • Spend time and engage in activities with both parents
  • Have a comfortable and safe space in both homes
  • Expect consistent behavior from both parents
  • Have the major issues (medical, legal, educational) shared with both parents
  • Not ever be put in a position to choose between their parents
  • Sometimes make their own choices and to be heard
  • Be a child

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