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Daily Archives: January 9, 2018

Child Custody: Generations Program

Q: What is the Generations program in Allegheny County?

A: Generations is a program that aims to resolve child-custody disputes without the emotional and financial costs of a trial.

First, the program requires parents to attend an educational session on the court process and the importance of co-parenting. Then, the parents are required to attend mediation in an attempt to resolve any custody disputes and settle on a custody schedule.

If the mediation is unsuccessful, the spouses meet with their attorneys present in a custody conciliation for yet another attempt to resolve custody matters. If parents still cannot reach an agreement, they attend a conciliation with the judge in a final attempt to resolve the case prior to trial.

Studies show that parents are far more likely to follow a custody order they devise themselves. The purpose of Generations is to give parents multiple opportunities to reach agreement.

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Arrested For Domestic Abuse?

Q: Police did not witness any physical abuse – so why was I arrested?

A: An allegation of domestic violence by itself can trigger an arrest. Police do not have to witness the incident of abuse. A police officer often makes an arrest decision based solely on the accuser’s credibility without any further investigation. If the alleged victim has any visible marks or injuries, police are likely to make an arrest.

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Expunging Summary Offenses

A criminal record may hurt your educational and employment opportunities, especially if you’re seeking jobs that require a criminal background check. Expungement refers to the removal of an arrest or conviction from your permanent criminal record.

Under Pennsylvania law, a conviction for a summary offense may be expunged after five years. If you were convicted of a summary offense more than five years ago, it may be possible to remove the conviction from your criminal record so that you can move on with your life.

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