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Divorce can be devastating financially and emotionally, especially when minor children are involved. The traditional divorce process itself makes matters worse, as spouses retain aggressive attorneys to battle over every detail. But divorce does not have to be so stressful and combative.

Collaborative divorce is a progressive, more civil alternative to traditional divorce. In a collaborative divorce, the spouses and attorneys work together to craft a legally binding agreement without going to court. Known as “no-court divorce,” “peaceful divorce,” and “divorce with dignity,” collaborative divorce tends to be cheaper, faster, less stressful, more private, and more humane than conventional divorce.

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How Collaborative Divorce Works

In a collaborative divorce, each spouse hires an attorney trained in collaborative law. The spouses and their attorneys then sign a pledge to negotiate a divorce agreement in good faith without litigating in court.

The spouses voluntarily disclose all relevant information and may engage other professionals such as a financial planner or mental health counselor. All of these professionals work as a team to devise creative solutions on matters related to the divorce, including: property division, spousal support, child custody, and child support.

Meetings are then usually held at one of the attorney’s offices. After a few meetings and on their own schedule, the spouses file a legally binding divorce agreement with the court.

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