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Winning SSD Despite Addiction Problems

Social Security does not pay disability benefits on the basis of alcoholism or drug addiction. But alcoholics and drug addicts get sick in other ways just like everyone else. People who become disabled apart from their alcoholism or drug addiction may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.

Medical conditions that are caused by drug addiction or alcoholism can be a basis for disability if that medical condition would continue to disable the person even if the drug and alcohol use was stopped. If it cannot be determined whether disability would cease if drug and alcohol abuse ended, then an award of benefits is mandatory.

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Winning SSD Despite Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Social Security often awards disability benefits based on a claimant’s credibility. If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, we advise you to be forthcoming about it in all of your dealings with Social Security. If you conceal the issue, a judge may deny your claim on that basis alone.

We also recommend that you regularly attend some type of rehabilitation program such as Alcoholic Anonymous. Social Security looks more favorably on claimants who can show a record of treatment for alcohol or drug abuse.

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