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Daily Archives: January 20, 2021

Divorce Rates Increase Due to Politics, Economy

Current political divisions have taken a toll on many relationships.

Family law attorneys and mental health professionals attest to an uptick in separation and divorce based at least partially on political differences.

Economic woes have also contributed to high stress levels experienced by many families, as fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic includes high rates of unemployment in many industries.

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Living Wills Amid COVID-19

Elderly people may consider revising their living wills in light of COVID-19.

For older adults contemplating what might happen to them during the pandemic, ventilators may represent a terrifying lack of personal control.

Respiratory failure remains a signature consequence of COVID-19. Ventilators pump oxygen into patients’ bodies while they are in bed, typically sedated, with a breathing tube snaked down the windpipe.

For some seniors, this is their greatest fear: being hooked to a machine with the end of their lives looming. For others, there is hope that the ventilator might give them another shot at life.

People who are willing to be kept alive by ventilation tend to believe that life is worth living no matter the disability. By contrast, people who oppose ventilation for themselves may feel that life is not worth living if the health situation is so difficult

Spivak Law Firm routinely assists people with estate planning needs, including: drafting your living will, healthcare and financial powers of attorney, and last will and testament.

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