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I want to thank Attorney Spivak for everything he has done for us and the kids during this entire child custody process! It truly means the world to me!

Five Star Rating – Scott G.

I am SO thankful to have found Spivak Law Firm for my child custody case. I fully believe Attorney Spivak and Attorney Canterbury saved mine and my daughters’ lives by helping us get the legal protections we desperately needed. They were understanding, empathetic, extremely responsive and affordable during the scariest, most challenging time of my life. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better and again I’m so thankful for their help and support over the years!

Five Star Rating – Sarah P.

I consulted Attorney Spivak in regards to a divorce that I did not want. It was a very emotional time for me, and his calm demeanor and knowledge of divorce laws gave me the courage to move forward with the divorce. He was with me every step of the way, explaining what I am entitled to and what I should expect. Working with Attorney Spivak made me feel like I would be okay! I felt that Attorney Spivak had my best interest at heart and that I was an important client to him. I absolutely recommend Attorney Spivak’s law firm to anyone needing a divorce attorney.

Five Star Rating – Michael C.

I needed immediate action taken to get primary custody of my son. I spoke with Attorney Canterbury and met with her that day. We talked over a plan, and the next day I was taking the steps needed to get my son. I really respected the effort and urgency Attorney Canterbury gave my case. I ended up getting primary custody of my son. I definitely recommend Attorney Canterbury.

Five Star Rating – Shelly O.

I was served with a PFA that was motivated by revenge and based on pure lies. I am a law-abiding citizen and never had to deal with police and courts, so I was pretty scared once I realized what could happen if the PFA became final. I checked on the Internet to see if I could find a lawyer who could represent me in this case. Spivak Law Firm in Pittsburgh stood out from the others because it was clear that Attorney Spivak has a lot of experience defending wrongfully accused people like myself. From the first moment I talked to Attorney Spivak, he instilled confidence in me and my family. Attorney Spivak listened carefully to my explanation of the situation. He was very patient and professional listening to all the details of the case. He then asked questions and explained to me and my family all about the process. During the entire process, Attorney Spivak kept us informed whenever there was an update in the case. We were very happy with the outcome. During my interactions with Attorney Spivak, I realized that he is an expert in every aspect of family law. He explained the details and implications of a Temporary PFA becoming a Final PFA. He answered all our questions precisely and with a lot of patience. He was available for any questions we had during the entire ordeal. His calm and assuring demeanor gave us confidence that everything would be alright. In the end, he got the PFA dismissed and the case expunged. I highly recommend Attorney Spivak to anybody served with a PFA. If he cannot help, I don’t know who can.

Five Star Rating – James N.

Attorney Spivak, thank you so much for everything that you did for me in my divorce case. You made a really bad situation bearable, and your calming nature helped ease my anxiety.

Five Star Rating – Paula T.

Attorney Canterbury has been so kind and helpful throughout the entire process of my child custody case. If ever I had a question, she was there to answer it quickly and thoroughly. Custody cases are extremely daunting and can be quite scary at times, she was always there to give me the honest truth about my case and what to do and not to do. I cannot put my appreciation into words well enough to describe the amount of weight she has lifted from my family’s shoulders. I will be recommending her services to others.

Five Star Rating – Peter L.

Attorney Spivak was a fantastic lawyer as I went through a very difficult, contentious divorce. When I was tempted to make decisions out of emotion, he always helped me to see the big picture and then chart the best course to my desired goal, which saved money and time. I wholeheartedly recommend Spivak Law Firm.

Five Star Rating – Kimberly U.

Attorney Todd Spivak went over and above to get my PFA dropped. He was very successful with it. Having him as your lawyer is worth its weight in gold. Great guy, too. Thank you, Attorney Spivak.

Five Star Rating – Franklin G.

I had an amazing experience with Spivak Law Firm. They treated my case with diligence and were very thorough. I recommend Spivak Law Firm for anyone going through a divorce.

Five Star Rating – Stacy P.

Highly recommend Spivak Law Firm! Attorney Rebecca Canterbury is incredibly professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Her experience and dedication to her clients is evident in everything she does!

Five Star Rating – Rochelle D.

Spivak Law Firm gets fathers the justice they deserve. Thank you for being great advocates. Once again Spivak Law Firm has shown me why I’ve stuck with their advice all these years.

Five Star Rating – Barry T.

Judicial expertise, integrity, and compassionate understanding make Attorney Todd Spivak the “Must Have Lawyer.” Attorney Spivak not only demonstrates his expertise in the practice of law, but also his genuine conviction in working diligently and compassionately for justice for his clients. Attorney Spivak is fully aware of the difficult situation his clients are going through and he is there to support them. He phoned my daughter the day before she moved from the household that created the problem, reinforcing that she was not alone in her legal battle. He was always available via phone or email. He responds promptly. Attorney Spivak further argued for a dismissal of the criminal charges and won. Our family was very fortunate because we think we had the Best Lawyer we could have.

Five Star Rating – Heather B.

Words cannot express what Attorney Todd Spivak did for our family. Our life was a legal train wreck. We had no knowledge of the legal system much less being charged with a felony crime. I was first impressed by the information on the Spivak Law Firm website. I also liked the fact that Attorney Spivak has a background in journalism was was nominated for The Pulitzer Prize. I knew that as a journalist, you had to go for the facts. Attorney Spivak worked so hard for us.

Five Star Rating – Jane R.

We cannot thank Attorney Todd Spivak enough for his time, effort, and compassion in our child custody case. This has been such a long, arduous process, and Attorney Spivak really stood by and behind us.

Five Star Rating – Damon G.

Attorneys Todd Spivak and Rebecca Canterbury are the best PFA lawyers in Pittsburgh. They gave me a free consultation over the phone and were very calm and patient even though I was an emotional wreck. They were prepared to take my case to trial. Their professionalism and knowledge of PFA law is superior.  They treated me with respect and got me a great outcome. I’m so glad I fired my other lawyer and hired Spivak Law Firm for my PFA hearing.

Five Star Rating – Edward A.

If you have a PFA against you, call Spivak Law Firm. I was scared out of my mind, and they treated me with nothing but compassion and professionalism from the first consultation to the PFA hearing. They provided a very vigorous defense and won my case. Job well done!

Five Star Rating – Jon K.

Attorney Rebecca Canterbury is an extraordinary attorney who works tirelessly to represent her clients. She is intelligent, compassionate, and dedicated. She passionately assists her clients with the most difficult cases. I highly recommend Attorney Canterbury for family law.

Five Star Rating – Dawn C.

I highly recommend Spivak Law Firm to anyone looking for a trustworthy lawyer who genuinely cares about their clients.

Five Star Rating – George R.

I cannot express strongly enough the respect and gratitude I have for Attorney Todd Spivak and for what he’d done to help my family. He’s dedicated to the best interests of his clients and their children. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking a loyal, dedicated family law attorney.

Five Star Rating – Lisa E.

Attorney Rebecca Canterbury is the only attorney that can be 100 percent trusted to handle your PFA. Her wealth of knowledge related to the intricate details surrounding all phases of the PFA process are surpassed by none. Attorney Canterbury promptly addressed my problems with care and compassion. Retain Attorney Canterbury to handle your PFA. Whether you are defending or pursuing a PFA in Western Pennsylvania, you need Attorney Canterbury and Spivak Law Firm by your side.

Five Star Rating – Robert G.

Attorney Todd Spivak was highly recommended for my custody case by another lawyer. He helped resolve a complicated custody case due to my criminal charges and previous drug abuse. Attorney Spivak is the consummate professional who is forthright with potential outcomes. I highly recommend Attorney Spivak for all legal needs.

Five Star Rating – Latoya K.

Thanks to Attorney Rebecca Canterbury, I won shared custody of my son. I’m so glad I followed her advice. My ex-wife refused to negotiate with me. Attorney Canterbury tenaciously advocated for me to the judge and won after a long battle in family court. Thank you, Attorney Canterbury!

Five Star Rating – Sheldon P.

I really lucked out when Attorney Rebecca Canterbury took me on as a client with only three days to prepare for my PFA hearing. She was very professional and knowledgeable and put me at ease right away. She went through my case with a fine-tooth comb. She fought hard for me under extremely complicated circumstances and won. The judge ruled in our favor due to her sterling efforts. I couldn’t be more pleased with Attorney Canterbury.

Five Star Rating – Sandra C.

Attorney Todd Spivak handled my child support case diligently and zealously. He was very informed and gave me detailed insight about the laws and what to expect. He obtained an outcome that was fabulous, even better than I could have hoped. I did not feel like I was simply a client. Attorney Spivak showed real concern about my situation. I reccomend  Attorney Spivak for child support hearings.

Five Star Rating – Petra V.

Spivak Law Firm helped me win full custody of my daughter. They did great work and were always there to answer my questions. You can trust their lawyers to get the job done right. I’m very happy with my experience and the outcome they achieved in my case.

Five Star Rating – Nicola B.

I highly recommend Attorney Todd Spivak if you want a thorough, highly effective, calm, strong voice of reason and a successful outcome. Attorney Spivak was truly an advocate for my family. He was available for all our questions and went above and beyond to win our case. He is a tough negotiator who even offered us a generous discount as a courtesy. I cannot thank Attorney Spivak enough for all of his help.

Five Star Rating – Matt N.

Attorney Rebecca Canterbury did an amazing job on my child custody case. She was very organized and attentive and took the time to explain everything to me. I recommend her for family law.

Five Star Rating – Sue T.

Thank you, Attorney Rebecca Canterbury, for expunging my criminal record. You could not have provided a better experience for me. You returned all my calls and patiently answered my questions. I’m so happy to have a clean record thanks to your hard work! If you want to expunge your criminal record, call Attorney Canterbury. She’s an excellent attorney and her rates are very fair.

Five Star Rating – Ronald D.

My sincere thank you to Attorney Spivak for his tireless efforts in my child custody case. We won thanks to his expertise and guidance.

Five Star Rating – Jason A.

Thank you very much for helping my family. It is not often that a client is lucky enough to have lawyers like you. Not only are you eloquent and efficient, you have what most lawyers lack: genuine compassion.

Five Star Rating – April J.

Todd Spivak and Rebecca Canterbury are the most wonderful and insightful attorneys I have ever met. I am very fortunate to have you advocating for my family. I am forever grateful for Spivak Law Firm.

Five Star Rating – Julia B.

Attorney Spivak helped me out of a devastating situation with the highest level of professionalism. I was served with a bogus PFA. I’m a police officer, and a PFA could destroy my career. I also have two small children. The stress I experienced from the PFA was unbelievable. I emailed Attorney Spivak late Friday night and he called me back early Saturday morning. I met with him at his office and went over the entire PFA. Attorney Spivak was calm, knowledgeable, and detailed about everything. He gave me hope and relieved a lot of my stress. On the hearing date, Attorney Spivak got the PFA withdrawn without even going before a judge or having a hearing. He worked diligently to negotiate terms on a private agreement with my ex-wife. He caught several cruel demands that my ex-wife tried to sneak into the agreement that would have given her legal custody over our children. I left the courthouse knowing we got the best possible outcome. Attorney Spivak even called my police chief to assure him that my ex-wife had abused the PFA system and I was not found guilty of any misconduct. I recommend Attorney Spivak to anyone needing someone to trust when it seems your whole world is falling apart.

Five Star Rating – Gabriel P.

I am very happy with what you’ve done for me in my PFA and child custody cases. I certainly will recommend you to anyone in a similar situation to mine.

Five Star Rating – Teresa W.

Thank you so very much, Attorney Spivak, for all your help getting the PFA against my son dismissed. We are all beyond grateful. You did an amazing job.

Five Star Rating – Scott R.

If you’re looking for the best family law and criminal defense attorney in Pittsburgh, look no further than Attorney Todd Spivak. He has successfully defended me at PFA and criminal hearings. I have recommended several friends to him for child custody and he has helped them all.

Five Star Rating – Jonathan D.

Hiring Attorney Todd Spivak was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. As an out-of-state defendant, I recently faced a PFA in Pennsylvania. Working as a law enforcement official and in the military reserves, a Final PFA Order would have ended my career. Attorney Spivak spent weeks preparing my defense and was always available by phone and email. On the day of the hearing, Attorney Spivak spent hours negotiating an agreement that dismissed the PFA with no ill-effects on my career and spared me the stress of a formal hearing. I walked into the courthouse facing termination from my employer and dishonorable discharge from the military due to false accusations. I walked out of the courthouse vindicated and extremely grateful. Thank you again, Attorney Spivak.

Five Star Rating – Mark T.

I am grateful for the way Attorney Todd Spivak prepared for my child custody hearing and did everything possible to protect my rights and expose the truth.

Five Star Rating – Samantha M.

I was falsely accused of sexually abusing my daughter. I was forced to endure false PFAs and incompetent CYF caseworkers. Attorney Todd Spivak exposed the truth. Throughout the process, Attorney Spivak gave me confidence to endure. A high recommendation is an understatement. Thank you, Attorney Spivak.

Five Star Rating – Jerry D.

Attorney Todd Spivak is effective, experienced, trustworthy, reliable, honest, affordable, and dependable. I can’t say enough about how his expertise has helped me over the years. Thank you, Attorney Spivak, you’ve helped me immeasurably.

Five Star Rating – Crystal Y.

Attorney Spivak is an excellent trial lawyer who fought hard for me in Court. He always treated me with great compassion and respect. I highly recommend him for all family law and criminal defense cases.

Five Star Rating – Suzanne C.

I nearly lost the most important person in my life: my daughter. Attorney Todd Spivak was there for me throughout everything. He kept me united with my daughter despite every attempt by her mother to alienate me. Attorney Spivak, I’m still a dad because of your efforts.

Five Star Rating – John P.

I was falsely accused of harassment and physical abuse. My long-time girlfriend filed a bogus PFA against me, and I was evicted from my home feeling like I had no rights. I didn’t know who to call or who to trust. I’m a big guy, and that was being used against me even though I had no prior arrests. I called Attorney Todd Spivak and was immediately impressed by his level of competence. Attorney Spivak fought for me at the hearing, and he got the PFA dismissed. He also got the criminal charges against me dismissed. Attorney Spivak was solid. He communicated in a clear professional manner. He always listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. I feel extremely comfortable recommending Attorney Spivak to anybody accused of domestic abuse.

Five Star Rating – Donald T.

Attorney Todd Spivak is experienced, thorough, and extremely well-connected in the legal community. He was knowledgeable, compassionate, and committed to my case. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the services he provided and the outcome he achieved. I highly recommend Spivak Law Firm.

Five Star Rating – Wanda H.

I cannot recommend Attorney Todd Spivak highly enough. Wonderful communication. Very reasonable price. Took time out of his schedule to explain everything in detail.

Five Star Rating – Gary B.

Attorney Todd Spivak is very smart and helped me tremendously at a crucial time. His knowledge of the law is amazing and I would recommend him to anyone.

Five Star Rating – Nicole P.

I came to Attorney Todd Spivak during the worst moment of my life. I was unsure how to prevent my ex-wife from removing me from my son’s life, and I was defeated emotionally. Attorney Spivak continues to fight by my side at every court battle. He’s a pro. He gives me straight talk with no fluff. He has never steered me wrong and has always been fair. When Attorney Spivak walked into my custody proceedings, he gave me 1000%. We walked away with more time with my son. I would have lost my heart and soul if I lost my son, and thank God for Attorney Spivak – I am able to continue enjoying the presence of my little boy.

Five Star Rating – Bob P.

I can’t thank you enough for all the work you’ve done on my child custody case. I’m very satisfied and will always call you in the future if the need arises.

Five Star Rating – Roland S.

Attorney Todd Spivak is a true professional and a person you can count on. He always got right back to me and went above and beyond with his time to make the situation less stressful and explained the process very clearly. He will always have my thanks and gratitude. I would not call on anyone else to be in my corner in the future. (Truly pray there’s not a need for it!) But if there is a need, and you find yourself reading this review, you are at the right place. Give Attorney Spivak a call and you will totally understand what I am talking about.

Five Star Rating – Nick B.

I met Attorney Todd Spivak at the worse point of my life, and he did everything he could to win and advocate for me. He was always available either via phone or email. I will always recommend him for child custody issues. There are few lawyers that put themselves in your shoes to relate to their clients.

Five Star Rating – Desiree P.

Attorney Todd Spivak guided me expertly through my hurdles of understanding PFAs, child support, and child custody. He was easily accessible by phone and always took the call to answer my immediate concerns. He was quick to give me good, solid advice, and I found him to be extremely knowledgeable of the law. In a time filled with many court dates and such turmoil, he was a light to guide my way, a true blessing. Can’t thank him enough for how he’s helped my family.

Five Star Rating – Emily V.

Attorney Todd Spivak successfully negotiated a significant reduction in my PFA Order. He was focused and effective. I will refer him to anyone I know. I’m grateful he is my lawyer.

Five Star Rating – Harold P.

The thing that stands out most to me about Attorney Todd Spivak is the respect that he showed to me as a client. He treated me like a person and not a paycheck. At no point did he ever speak in a manner that was anything but kind, respectful and competent. He made a difficult situation a lot easier; I’m glad I had the opportunity to have worked with him.

Five Star Rating – Kelly R.

Attorney Todd Spivak helped me through an extremely complicated case involving two PFAs and a criminal harassment charge. In the criminal trial, Attorney Spivak completely discredited both the officer and plaintiff, resulting in a dismissal of all charges. Attorney Spivak is an absolute godsend in court. If you’re under attack and going to war, Attorney Spivak isn’t just a shield – he’s a one-man army. After six months of having to prove my innocence, I walked out of court without any further concerns. Attorney Spivak returns calls and emails lightning-fast, and he explains each step of the process. There is absolutely no way I could thank Attorney Spivak enough. He helped me during a time in my life when I seemingly was losing everything, including my previously untarnished reputation. Without hesitation I would recommend Attorney Spivak over any other lawyer, period. Trust me, Todd Spivak is the attorney you need in your corner.

Five Star Rating – Matt L.

Hiring Attorney Todd Spivak is the best move we’ve made in months, and it’s the first time our very difficult child custody case has started to move in the right direction. Attorney Spivak is fighting hard for the best outcome, and I’m truly grateful to have him in our corner. After months of frustration and numerous missteps on our part and the part of our former attorney, I can’t even put into words what a relief it has been to receive knowledgeable, accurate and timely advice. The contrast between Attorney Spivak’s practice and that of our former high-priced downtown attorney is phenomenal. If you want to speak with your attorney rather than be insulated from them and play the telephone game with underlings more than happy to miscommunicate your messages and ignore your questions, give Attorney Spivak a call – he’ll actually answer.

Five Star Rating – Robyn Z.

Attorney Todd Spivak preserved my rights as a father and maintained my good name in the community. He successfully represented me at a PFA hearing, an emergency motion, and two custody conciliations. He defended my rights as a father and protected me from fiercely egregious allegations of abuse. From day one, I knew Attorney Spivak was the counsel I needed on my side. Never did I speak to a law clerk. Never did I wait for a return call. His patience, confidence, and sheer professionalism in practice are evident from the first moment. He answered every question I asked. There was no sugar coating or making light of any aspect of my case. Attorney Spivak has a commanding presence that is founded in a calm and calculated approach to the very serious matters for which he is trained to handle. I owe Attorney Spivak a debt of gratitude for his outstanding work as my attorney. If you need a lawyer with family law expertise, choose Spivak Law Firm.

Five Star Rating – Henry C.

Attorney Spivak made himself available evenings and even late at night, working around my schedule. He took the time to walk me through the process pre-trial and was an effective negotiator and advocate.

Five Star Rating – Adam L.

Facing unfounded PFA accusations can be scary, especially when someone abuses the court system to damage your reputation, intimidate, and attempt to control you. Attorney Todd Spivak was my saving grace. He is a true professional who sincerely cares about the individuals and cases he handles. He protected my reputation twice, effectively defending me before the judge, exposing the truth, and getting the PFA dismissed with prejudice to prevent further abuse of the system. As a professional myself, it was such a relief that Todd was willing to speak with me after office hours and even on weekends when it wouldn’t interrupt my job. He is also fair on cost and kept me informed every step of the way. I highly recommend his services.

Five Star Rating – Cindy N.

Thank you for the excellent counsel at my PFA hearing. I’m glad I followed your advice. Again, thank you!

Five Star Rating – Gene T.

It took me over a year to accept my situation and proceed with divorce. Attorney Todd Spivak truly guided me through my options and the divorce process. He was both professional and personable. Attorney Spivak was readily available and responded quickly to my concerns and questions. His pricing was fair and definitely competitive. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Attorney Spivak.

Five Star Rating – Heather F.

Attorney Todd Spivak used his negotiation skills to get my PFA dismissed. I owe Attorney Spivak my ability to see my daughter again and keep my reputation intact. I cannot be more pleased and will recommend Attorney Spivak to anyone looking for an experienced attorney in family law.

Five Star Rating – Bruce R.

I am very pleased with the legal representation provided to me by Attorney Todd Spivak. He wastes no time or money. I felt that he truly had mine and my child’s best interests at heart. Any time I needed something, he did it immediately. Papers were prepared and filed promptly. Attorney Spivak either answers phone calls himself or he calls back immediately, even on weekends and evenings. I hope my legal issues are resolved, but if I ever need further representation there is no question where I will turn.

Five Star Rating – Linda P.

Attorney Todd Spivak was great for my child custody case. Thanks to Attorney Spivak, I got exactly what I wanted.

Five Star Rating – Paul F.

I am grateful for the way Attorney Todd Spivak handled my child custody hearing. Thank you, Attorney Spivak, for protecting my family and exposing the truth.

Five Star Rating – Janet Y.

Attorney Todd Spivak was extremely helpful in resolving my PFA case. He was 100% responsive to my phone calls, emails, etc. He listened to my concerns and addressed them in a very professional and courteous manner. I absolutely recommend Spivak Law Firm, especially if you are in an emergency Family Law situation.

Five Star Rating – Jason B.

I hired Attorney Todd Spivak for a Summary Offense case in which I did something wrong that I was looking to keep off my record. The evidence was not in my favor with two law enforcement officials ready to testify against me. In all likelihood, I would’ve been found guilty without Attorney Spivak. He got the criminal charge dismissed and kept my record clean. Attorney Spivak came off as knowledgeable, competent, honest, and ethical. I definitely recommend him to anyone in the Pittsburgh area who is seeking representation for a Summary Offense case.

Five Star Rating – Lisa C.

Attorney Todd Spivak is knowledgeable, honest, and experienced. I brought him into a difficult situation and he proved my first impression was correct, which was he was the right attorney for the job. I have used and will continue to use him for my high conflict cases. Todd has saved my family and continues to fight for us to this day.

Five Star Rating – Dave N.

Attorney Todd Spivak was extremely helpful in expunging my criminal record. He always called me back and was very personable. He sent me updates throughout the entire process and when I called to make sure that it was complete he personally went to the Court to find out for me.

Five Star Rating – Robyn W.

Attorney Todd Spivak is an honest, loyal, and hardworking lawyer who is dedicated to his clients. He understands that when you spend your hard-earned money for a lawyer, to have one work promptly and wisely is very important. To say the least, Attorney Spivak’s preparation before each case is outstanding. Thanks for everything, keep up the good work!

Five Star Rating – Demond H.

Attorney Spivak is one of a kind. He is the most professional, honest, and thorough attorney I have ever dealt with. He returns your calls, listens to your problems, and has an excellent knowledge of law in general. In my opinion, he pulled off a miracle in my case. I truly never thought I would get the results we got. Attorney Spivak attacked our problem head-on and came out with a winning conclusion! God bless him, and great job!

Five Star Rating – Richard S.

Attorney Todd Spivak was easy to talk to and understand, and he was very responsive to all my questions and concerns. His professional demeanor was excellent in court.

Five Star Rating – Christopher Q.

Attorney Todd Spivak was prompt in responding, and I felt very comfortable interacting with him. Mr. Spivak took the time to explain each process along the way so that I clearly understood what our options were and what outcomes to expect.

Five Star Rating – Arlene O.

There are no adjectives available to describe the high professionalism and expertise with which Attorney Todd Spivak handled my hearing. His mastery and knowledge of his craft were evident from the initial meeting to the completion of the process. Mr. Spivak rises head and shoulders above any attorney you can find out there to help you when you need it most.

Five Star Rating – Adam S.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for us. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. This was such a stressful experience, but you somehow kept me calm through it.

Five Star Rating – Kimberly R.

I am so happy and satisfied with the level of service I am getting from Attorney Todd Spivak. Mr. Spivak has been a light for me since my case began. You will find a great attorney and a wise thinker with Mr. Spivak.

Five Star Rating – Brian W.

Attorney Todd Spivak was highly recommended to me by a lawyer friend of mine, and I’m glad I hired him. I had never been in any type of court situation before, and Mr. Spivak answered all of my questions knowledgeably and respectfully. My hearing took all day, but I ultimately got the result I wanted. I couldn’t have done it without Mr. Spivak’s help.

Five Star Rating – Adrienne P.

Attorney Todd Spivak answered my first call well past office hours. He is always professional and has a heart at the same time. This was my first experience with a lawyer and I don’t think it could have been any better.

Five Star Rating – Frank C.

Attorney Todd Spivak was very knowledgeable and explained everything in great detail. He was very responsive and prompt with returning phone calls and emails. Fees are reasonable and he works in the best interest of the client. He does not nickel and dime you. I highly recommend Mr. Spivak.

Five Star Rating – Heidi S.

Attorney Todd Spivak is an extremely effective attorney with the people skills to match. His assistance was crucial in the favorable outcome that I received. All lawyers are not created equal. Mr. Spivak made a difference for me and I will recommend him to my friends and family.

Five Star Rating – Jeff O.