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James N.

I was served with a PFA that was motivated by revenge and based on pure lies. I am a law-abiding citizen and never had to deal with police and courts, so I was pretty scared once I realized what could happen if the PFA became final. I checked on the Internet to see if I could find a lawyer who could represent me in this case. Spivak Law Firm in Pittsburgh stood out from the others because it was clear that Attorney Spivak has a lot of experience defending wrongfully accused people like myself. From the first moment I talked to Attorney Spivak, he instilled confidence in me and my family. Attorney Spivak listened carefully to my explanation of the situation. He was very patient and professional listening to all the details of the case. He then asked questions and explained to me and my family all about the process. During the entire process, Attorney Spivak kept us informed whenever there was an update in the case. We were very happy with the outcome. During my interactions with Attorney Spivak, I realized that he is an expert in every aspect of family law. He explained the details and implications of a Temporary PFA becoming a Final PFA. He answered all our questions precisely and with a lot of patience. He was available for any questions we had during the entire ordeal. His calm and assuring demeanor gave us confidence that everything would be alright. In the end, he got the PFA dismissed and the case expunged. I highly recommend Attorney Spivak to anybody served with a PFA. If he cannot help, I don’t know who can.