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Henry C.

Attorney Todd Spivak preserved my rights as a father and maintained my good name in the community. He successfully represented me at a PFA hearing, an emergency motion, and two custody conciliations. He defended my rights as a father and protected me from fiercely egregious allegations of abuse. From day one, I knew Attorney Spivak was the counsel I needed on my side. Never did I speak to a law clerk. Never did I wait for a return call. His patience, confidence, and sheer professionalism in practice are evident from the first moment. He answered every question I asked. There was no sugar coating or making light of any aspect of my case. Attorney Spivak has a commanding presence that is founded in a calm and calculated approach to the very serious matters for which he is trained to handle. I owe Attorney Spivak a debt of gratitude for his outstanding work as my attorney. If you need a lawyer with family law expertise, choose Spivak Law Firm.