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Gabriel P.

Attorney Spivak helped me out of a devastating situation with the highest level of professionalism. I was served with a bogus PFA. I’m a police officer, and a PFA could destroy my career. I also have two small children. The stress I experienced from the PFA was unbelievable. I emailed Attorney Spivak late Friday night and he called me back early Saturday morning. I met with him at his office and went over the entire PFA. Attorney Spivak was calm, knowledgeable, and detailed about everything. He gave me hope and relieved a lot of my stress. On the hearing date, Attorney Spivak got the PFA withdrawn without even going before a judge or having a hearing. He worked diligently to negotiate terms on a private agreement with my ex-wife. He caught several cruel demands that my ex-wife tried to sneak into the agreement that would have given her legal custody over our children. I left the courthouse knowing we got the best possible outcome. Attorney Spivak even called my police chief to assure him that my ex-wife had abused the PFA system and I was not found guilty of any misconduct. I recommend Attorney Spivak to anyone needing someone to trust when it seems your whole world is falling apart.