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Helping Teenagers Through Divorce

The decision to divorce can be difficult especially if you have children.

Child psychologists recommend the following techniques for communicating with teenagers:

Listen: Let your teenage children vent about their problems, as the best relief often comes from simply articulating their worries and concerns.

Empathize: Offer comforting words to teenagers rather than advice so they know you’re there for them.

Support: Reassure your teenage children to establish confidence that they can overcome their problems.

Brainstorm: Discuss solutions to help your teenagers to come to terms with things outside their control.

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In Family Court, Be Respectful

You may think that the conversation you are carrying on in the halls of Family Court will not get back to your judge. But there are eyes and ears everywhere in the courthouse, and news travels fast.

A flippant comment made out of frustration may be relayed back to the judge, which could hurt your case. Even worse, if your behavior rises to the level that security is called to calm you down or escort you from the courthouse, it could taint the way the judge views you and your case.

You never know who is listening in on your conversation, so be respectful at all times.

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