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Is Spanking Harmful to Kids?

Parents should not spank their children due to the harmful effects of corporal punishment, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The group also advised against using non-physical punishment that is humiliating, scary or threatening.

Corporal punishment is defined as “non-injurious, open-handed hitting with the intention of modifying child behavior.”

It is associated with increased aggression and defiance, producing effects similar to those of children who experience physical abuse, according to recent studies.

It is estimated that about two-thirds of parents in the United States have spanked their children.

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Child Custody & Domestic Abuse


DV Pic5In some extreme cases, mothers seeking to protect their children from abusive fathers are disbelieved by the courts and even sanctioned for parental alienation.

Such outlier cases form the basis of a recently released documentary by filmmaker Rachel Lewis, who spotlights the issue of mothers who have lost custody of their children to abusive fathers. The film warns that violent men can use the court system to further control and intimidate their exes by asserting their child custody rights.

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