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Monthly Archives: August 2022

Teen Mental Health Issues

Statistics regarding teen mental health are, well, depressing.

More than 30% of high schoolers report persistent sadness.

About 20% say they have seriously considered suicide.

Teenagers may be happy to learn that some social scientists recommend combating these problems by advocating for less homework and later start-times at school.

Teenagers are not getting enough sleep, according to a recent Washington Post article:

“No one questions the benefits of sleep for babies and young children. But teenagers’ brains and bodies are changing and growing just as much as they did in their earliest years. The restructuring of the adolescent brain is pivotal to healthy development – and to a large extent, it occurs during sleep.”

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Estate Planning Goals

What do you want to accomplish by having an estate plan in place? Here are a list of possibilities:

  • Protecting your spouse if you die?
  • Helping your children pay for college?
  • Safeguarding your home and investments?
  • Donating to your favorite charity?
  • Ensuring that you have enough funds in retirement?
  • Selecting caretakers for your minor children if both parents die?
  • Passing along family heirlooms?

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