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PFA and Financial Help

In Pennsylvania, courts can award financial assistance at Protection From Abuse (PFA) hearings.

More than 70 percent of women surveyed at domestic-violence shelters reported that they stayed with an abuser longer because they could not afford to leave, according to a Mary Kay Foundation report.

Perpetrators of domestic abuse frequently use financial manipulation to torment and control their victims.

While some states offer unemployment-insurance benefits to domestic violence and stalking victims who have to quit their jobs and relocate, many states don’t have any form of financial assistance.

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PFA Violations And Child Custody

PFA Pic3Violating a Protection From Abuse (PFA) Order by contacting the victim can land you in jail for up to six months. But what about violating the custody provision contained in a PFA? You can be arrested for that, too.

For instance, let’s say your PFA Order grants you supervised custody only. If you are seen alone with the child, you may be arrested and charged with Indirect Criminal Contempt (ICC).

Or, for example, if you withhold the child by not showing up at a custody exchange per the PFA Order, you may face criminal charges.

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What Is Stalking?

PFA Pic2Stalking involves following someone in a way that causes the victim to feel fearful or emotionally distressed. Stalking frequently occurs when someone tries to leave an abusive relationship.

Here are some examples of stalking behavior:

  • Following someone on foot or by car
  • Watching someone at work or at home
  • Sending unwanted letters or emails
  • Making unwanted telephone calls
  • Leaving unwanted cards, flowers, or gifts

If you are the victim of stalking, you may be entitled to the protections of a Protection From Abuse (PFA) Order. Spivak Law Firm provides strong, aggressive representation for plaintiffs and defendants at PFA hearings and all criminal hearings in Pittsburgh and nearby counties, including: Allegheny County, Beaver County, Butler County, Washington County, and Westmoreland County.

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