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Collaborative Divorce Guidelines

The new Pennsylvania Collaborative Law Act provides several guidelines for people seeking to obtain a collaborative divorce, including:

  • Establishing minimum requirements for collaborative practice participation agreements
  • Providing specific standards to determine when and how the collaborative process begins and concludes
  • Requiring the disqualification of collaborative lawyers from appearing before a court to represent a party in a proceeding related to the legal matter identified in the participation agreement
  • Mandating that parties to a collaborative process provide timely, full, candid and informal disclosure of information related to resolution of the legal matter identified in the participation agreement
  • Creating a privilege for communications that occur during the collaborative process and clarifying when the privilege is not applicable or may be waived
  • Protecting the confidentiality of certain communications made during the collaborative process to the extent agreed upon by the parties
  • Providing for the enforceability of settlement agreements reached through the collaborative process

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