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Divorce: Hidden Assets

Discovery, the formal legal process for obtaining information in a divorce, is essential if your ex refuses to provide important financial information.

Discovery is also an important tool if you believe your ex is hiding financial assets.

People do not usually engage in formal discovery for divorce because it can be expensive and time-consuming.

But you have may have no choice if your ex withholds or conceals information that is necessary for determining the value of the marital estate.

The most common forms of discovery include:

Requests for Production: requests for documents that must be provided

Interrogatories: written questions that must be answered

Depositions: sworn testimony given in the presence of a court reporter

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Divorce Waiting Period Reduced


expunge-pic4The Pennsylvania State Senate recently passed an amendment reducing the separation period for no-fault divorces to one year. Prior to this amendment, if your spouse would not consent to a divorce, you had to wait a period of two years before requesting a final decree.

Once Governor Wolf signs the bill, the reduced waiting period will take effect within 60 days. However, the reduced waiting period will only apply to divorces filed after the effective date of the law. It is not retroactive.

If your spouse will not consent to a divorce, and you have not yet filed, you may consider postponing filing until the law goes into effect.

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