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Spivak Law Firm Frees Allegheny County Prisoner

71044902In a dramatic turn, Spivak Law Firm recently helped free an inmate from Allegheny County Jail so that he can be with his newborn son while awaiting his next court date.

Back in 2011, Frank (not his real name) got three years of probation for stealing and writing bad checks. Last November, he was arrested for failing to report to his probation officer. Eight months later, he was still waiting for a hearing when his Mother called us asking for help.

“Frank’s son is about to be born,” she told us. “Could you please try to get him out of jail?”

We filed a petition with Frank’s judge to lift his detainer. Additionally, we called the judge’s chambers and Frank’s probation officer to argue for his release. Several days later, we received a court order by fax with the heading: “Release of Prisoner.”

Frank is now home with his baby and happy to be out of jail while awaiting his probation violation hearing in the fall.

“My son is thrilled!” Frank’s mother wrote us. “Thank you for your hard work!”

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