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5 Common PFA Mistakes

Every week, dozens of new PFA cases are filed in Pittsburgh and surrounding counties such as Allegheny County, Beaver County, Butler County, Washington County, and Westmoreland County. Many people facing abuse charges make mistakes that haunt them for years. The five most common mistakes they make are:

  1. They don’t take the PFA seriously.
    A PFA has serious, long-lasting consequences. It can evict you from your home, take away your kids, ruin your job prospects, and even land you in jail. If you are served with a PFA, take it seriously.
  2. They don’t show up at the PFA hearing.
    If you fail to appear at your PFA hearing, the judge can impose a Final PFA order against you lasting three years – the maximum duration allowed under Pennsylvania law. If you are served with a PFA, we strongly advise you to attend the PFA hearing.
  3. They don’t hire an experienced PFA defense attorney.
    In Pennsylvania, many people seeking the protections of a PFA can receive a free lawyer. But people who are served with a PFA must retain their own lawyer. Hiring an experienced PFA defense attorney is essential for protecting your legal rights.
  4. They blindly accept the PFA.
    Many people who feel they are guilty of abuse blindly accept the PFA accept them. Even if you are guilty of abuse, we can try to limit the duration of the PFA and protect your legal rights regarding other family law matters.
  5. They continue to contact their accuser.
    A PFA serves as a no-contact order restricting the abuser from having any contact with the victim. This includes physical contact as well as phone calls, text messages, and emails. Violation of the no-contact order can land you in jail up to six months.

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