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How to File for Child Custody

Every Pennsylvania county has specific rules for how to file for child custody. In most Pennsylvania counties, including Allegheny County, you must file a Complaint for Custody at the Court of Common Pleas along with an Abuse History Verification Form. You must serve both documents on the other parent and file proof of service with your local Department of Court Records. You must pay a filing fee unless it is waived by a judge based on your income level.

In the custody complaint, you must state what specific relief you are seeking. If you want equal time with your children, you would request shared physical custody. If you want the majority of time with your children, you would request primary physical custody. If you are seeking an order providing you every other weekend with your children, you would seek partial physical custody.

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How to Modify Custody in Pittsburgh

If you wish to change an existing custody order, you should file a petition to modify custody with your local Family Court. It is appropriate to file a modification for any significant change to the existing court order.

Parents commonly file a petition to modify custody if they wish to:

  • Change the existing custody schedule
  • Add provisions regarding holidays or vacations
  • Assume sole legal custody for the purpose of choosing a child’s school or making a significant medical decision

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