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Lower Your Child Support Payments

Little girl wearing sundress holding flowersIf you think you are paying too much in child support, do not be fooled into thinking that quitting your job will lower your support obligations.

Under Pennsylvania law, your child support obligation will not be lowered if you quit your job, assume a lower paying job, or even leave your job to pursue an education.

Courts will, however, adjust child support payments if you are receiving less income due to illness, lay-off, or being fired, “unless such a reduction in income was willfully undertaken in an attempt to avoid or reduce the support obligation.”

The issue is control. If you lose your job due to a reason outside your control, your support obligation may be lowered. But if you choose to quit, then your support obligation will not be affected.

The appropriate way to seek a reduction in child support payments is to hire an experienced family law attorney and file a Motion to Modify Support.

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