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Attorney Spivak Featured On New PFA Law

Attorney Todd Spivak, owner of Spivak Law Firm, was featured in a recent news article regarding changes to the Protection From Abuse (PFA) law in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania General Assembly recently passed a bill requiring people with Final PFA orders to surrender their firearms within 24 hours to law enforcement.

In the article, Attorney Spivak is described as a proponent for reforming the PFA law to curb false claims of abuse.

A PFA has serious consequences. It can take away:

  • Your home: You may be permanently evicted from your residence.
  • Your kids: You may lose custody of your children for an extended period of time.
  • Your job: You may be terminated from your job, especially if you’re a police officer, teacher, daycare worker, or anyone subject to background checks.
  • Your rights: You may lose your Constitutional right to possess firearms.
  • Your freedom: You may be jailed and face criminal charges for allegedly violating any provision of an active PFA.

“If someone is willing to lie or exaggerate or fabricate on a PFA petition, what’s to stop them from lying about a violation of the order,” Attorney Spivak says in the article. “Defendants can have their lives turned upside down.”

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