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Child Custody in Allegheny County (Part 3 of 7)

126998623In Allegheny County, any person involved in a child custody dispute must enroll in Generations, an alternative dispute resolution program that includes an educational seminar and mediation session. To learn about the educational seminar, please click here. To learn about the mediation session, please click here.

The custody mediation session may be waived if either party or any child has been the subject of domestic violence or child abuse within 24 months preceding the filing of a custody action. If you and/or your child has been such a victim and you desire not to attend mediation, you must complete both sides of a waiver form and return it to Generations. If you have received a Protection From Abuse order (PFA order), a copy of it should also be returned with this completed form. You are also responsible for mailing a copy of this form and any PFA order to the opposing party at the same time you mail it to the Generations at: Generations 440 Ross Street, 1st Floor Pittsburgh, PA 15219.

If a mediation session is waived, a custody conciliation shall be scheduled in its place in which attorneys may be present.

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