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Daily Archives: June 16, 2021

Divorce for the Lower Earning Spouse

The lower-earning spouse stands to gain financially in many divorce cases.

For instance, the lower-earning spouse may receive spousal support – monthly payments until the divorce is finalize. In some cases, the lower-earning spouse may also receive alimony – monthly payments that continue even after the divorce is finalized.

Additionally, the lower-earning spouse may be entitled to a larger division of the marital estate.

If the parties cannot agree about how to divide the marital estate, the court will issue an order based on principles of fairness under Pennsylvania law.

In addition to monthly support, the lower-earning spouse may be entitled to receive a 55 or even 60 percent share of the marital estate.

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PFA Hearing: Do I Need A Lawyer?

Q: I’ve been served with a PFA. Do I need an attorney?

A: Yes.

In Pittsburgh and surrounding counties, a free attorney is provided to anyone alleging abuse in PFA Court.

Therefore, if you are a PFA defendant, you should level the playing field by hiring an attorney to represent you.

Otherwise, you will be negotiating with and potentially facing off in court against a seasoned PFA lawyer.

A Final PFA carries significant consequences.

You may be evicted from your home and restricted from your children. You may lose your job. You could even lose your liberty and go to jail if accused of violating the PFA.

Spivak Law Firm provides strong, aggressive defense at Final PFA hearings. If necessary, we subpoena documents and witnesses. We are experienced trial lawyers.

We offer a free consultation for PFA matters and generally charge a flat fee so our clients know upfront exactly how much our representation will cost.

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